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Join us for the 8th Metabolic Pathway Analysis

The fundamental study of biology has undergone a significant transformation from qualitative description to quantitative prediction of biological systems. Metabolic Pathway Analysis (MPA) is a leading meeting for the scientific community analyzing topological structure-function relationships of metabolic networks to study fundamentals of biology and biotechnological applications. MPA 2021 is the eighth in the biennial series that integrates a highly interdisciplinary group of international biologists, computer scientists, engineers, and mathematicians for five days of discussions focused on state-of-the-art advances in network analysis methodology, theory, and application. MPA 2021 will focus on the frontiers of theoretical and computational approaches to decode biological principles behind metabolic networks, helping better understand rules of life and enabling biosystems design to tackle challenging problems related to health, food, energy, and the environment.

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Scheduled Speakers

Steven Abel.

Steven Abel

University of Tennessee, Knoxville
United States

Daniel Amador-Noguez.

Daniel Amador-Noguez

University of Wisconsin
United States

Nanette Boyle.

Nanette Boyle

Colorado School of Mines
United States

Anne Goelzer.

Anne Goelzer

Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique
Note: Virtual Only

William Harcombe.

William Harcombe

University of Minnesota
United States

Soha Hassoun.

Soha Hassoun

Tufts University
United States

Christopher Henry.

Christopher Henry

Argonne National Laboratory
United States

Terry Hwa.

Terry Hwa

University of California, San Diego
United States
Note: Virtual Only

Steffen Klamt.

Steffen Klamt

Max Planck Institute, Magdeburg

Costas Maranas.

Costas Maranas

Pennsylvania State University
United States

Balazs Papp.

Balázs Papp

Biological Research Center

Ines Thiele.

Ines Thiele

National University of Ireland
Note: Virtual Only